MVP Summit, Day 3

Day 3 (Wednesday, March 14)

Welcome to deep dive day, as they have dubbed it. The concept here is we are taking a “deep dive” into the underlying technologies. As this is a year after all of the major releases, this is more of a “get caught up on what we have completed” year than a “look at what we are going to do” year. If you have played with the May CTP (2006) of Orcas, you already know what we are learning; there is just more done now.

Session one was an overview session. As is typical in the MVP events, it is the first chance many MVPs have to bitch about things they think the product teams are doing incorrectly. To facilitate, the C# team, wisely, had an intro and then let the MVPs loose.

They then separated us into three groups so we could have smaller sessions, some surrounding white boards.

Session two dealt with the new features of C# 3.0. There are 12 new key words in C# 3.0 and most of these keywords deal with LINQ. As a piece of trivia, the longest new keyword is “descending”. Part of this session was for feedback on feature set in “Orcas + 1”, the yet unnamed version of Visual Studio after Orcas ships. Most of what was asked was far beyond what the majority of C# programmers will ever touch. It will be interesting to see what comes out of these talks, although you will not see the fruition until after the Orcas timeframe.

We were also versed on pieces that are going to be dropped from LINQ, which I will not blog about until I see it out on an official Microsoft blog, as I do not want to cross my NDA and lose my MVP status. There aren’t many, at least not in the talk we had, so do not panic. They have also, as far as I know, never been in any CTP, so you are not missing things you used to have, like you did with Whidbey.

Session three was a deeper dive into LINQ for SQL and was the most informative session I attended. At one time, the session degraded to the point it got Anders involved and it was proven that LINQ truly does lazy load.

I then played the role of bad MVP and jumped out of my track. Fortunately, all of the SQL and developer tracks are hosted at the MSCC, so I did not have to jump buildings. I am considering doing it today (jumping buildings) for the Sandcastle session, but ADO.NET Entities sounds appealing, so I probably will stay here at the MSCC.

The session I jumped to was a session on ASP.NET vNext. I cannot blog about any of the features, but feel free to go to MIX this year and you will have the opportunity to see quite a bit of it. I would love to share the pictures, but I cannot do that either. Just trust me that a lot of this stuff is cool.

At night I went to a developer dinner and spent much of the time talking to Kathleen Dollard about everything other than programming. As two long term MVPs, we also reminisced about the “early days”. I bailed out of the party early to attempt to get some sleep as I am still on Central time and waking up at 5 AM every morning. It was a perfect plan, but I did not anticipate the loud drunk guys at 2:30 AM, but that is a story for another blog entry.


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