SourceSafe web projects and refrenced libraries

If you have not yet experimented with SourceSafe 2005, it has some neat features that make it much better than SourceSafe 6.0. There are also a few points to watch out for.

We are currently working with a company in Austin for a new product. They worked primarily with the mappin pieces of the application, so we were not running into each other up to this point. We are now working on Integration, so it seemed easy enough to make SourceSafe 2005 available for the web. Here are a few points on why this is not as easily done as said.

SourceSafe 2005 web projects are available for people who develop locally by simply adding a web version of the project. You switch Visual Studio to open from web and create a new web version based on the internal version. If you are working with complete external users, they can connect the same way, as long as you tell them the internal UNC for the project, as that is how the web service connects. But, you have to have projects or solutions for EVERYTHING, as there seems to be no way to hook Visual SourceSafe up to a web version of the server (can only connect in Visual Studio). If I had my druthers, i would be on team Suite now.

The above may not seem like much of an issue, especially if you follow the normal path of having all your library code in App_Code. If you use external libraries, you have some issues. The solution is one of the following:

  1. Create a project file that contains the DLLs at the right place in the path for the refresh files
  2. WARNING – KLUDGE (works great but really kludgy). Create a /libraries folder in your web project and point the /bin refresh files to that directory. You will have to remember to exclude this directory when you publish or you will have to upload two copies of the

By the way, if I had my choice, I would be on Team System completely. And, I will likely have the option in the next month or so, but we are stuck with SourceSafe right now and have to make it work. Hopefully this helps some of you runnign with the same issues.

— GB


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    What’s up,

  2. Alisicia says:

    Hi Gregory, I thought you might like to use this to further your bible studies!
    Shepherd’s Chapel
    Enjoy your studies! alisicia

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