Pirates beware, Sony is here

DRM without telling anyone? Of all the stupid things in the world. What were you thinking?
We live in a world where tons of smart people watch everything that is going on. In this environment, Sony-BMG releases a copy protection scheme that stealthily installs on your computer to protect their CD from being copied. It meters how many times you can copy a particular CD and stops you from downloading the music to a personal player (focused on IPod). They give you the option to remove the software, but then you cannot even PLAY the CD on your computer.
Please note that it is not illegal to copy the CDs you buy. It is also not illegal to download copies of your own legally acquired music to your own personal listening device. It is, however, illegal to break the copy protection scheme to do things that are, otherwise, legal. But, feel good that Sony-BMG is protecting its billions against pirates by treating you like a criminal.
As an open note to Sony-BMG:
I used to be an avid purchaser of CDs. I have a collection of more than 100 titles. But, I refuse to buy anything that is not absolutely compelling these days (have purchased a few in the past couple of years) and the titles are primarily from indies these days.
I am not a pirate, as you have accused others of being when they have complained. I do not download from file sharing networks. Instead, I have chosen to listen on the radio. As long as you continue to act like a child, I will not support your temper tantrum. When you grow up, we can sit down and talk.
I truly hope more of your consumers head my direction and tell you where to stick your DRM.

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