Bomb found in New Orleans

It appears Farrakhan was right. He contended that bombs were planted in levees in predominently black areas of New Orleans, stating "They found two types of explosives used by the military" and "A member of the Army Corps of Engineers saw burn marks on the concrete". There are now pictures of the bomb, proving he was right.

Many will not believe this and the confusion is understandable. It seems the military was using one of the new b345 bombs, which are disguised as barges. The picture below shows one of these insidious bombs.

Now, the right wing conspiracists are claiming that Farrakhan is mad. They cite the fact that Lakeview and Old Metarie, predominently white areas, were also destroyed. This is just typical of those fascists, trying to diffuse a legitimate story with facts. Damn them!!! They need to "stop making sense" and allow us to continue on with our own realities. BAAAAA!!!


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