Microsoft.VisualBasic.Compatibility improvements

I listened to Don Box’s talk today at the MVP Summit. One of the questions, from Rocky Lhotka, focused on the difficulty in configuring Indigo services, specifically “is it going to get easier”. Good question, Rocky, although I do find that they have made tremendous strides in this area.


As the Q&A went on, Rocky focused particularly on the case sensitivity of the configuration file. Don explained it was XML and XML is case sensitive. He also stated that Microsoft was not going to change the case sensitive nature of XML. We are getting into a region where Rocky and I would disagree (note for Rocky: I respect your work immensely, please put down that ax).  🙂


I have an idea, Don, why not the Microsoft.VisualBasic.Compatibility.XAML namespace? It could include the IDoWhatIMean interface (aka the IPsychic interface). You should not be scared that Microsoft has done piss poor at correcting my code in the past (FrontPage 97 and 98 come to mind instantly) and, instead, consider it a challenge. Under this new namespace, a config like:







Would magically be corrected to something like:






Think about it THINK = think = Think = tHink (but does not equal t71nK – even though the last option looks like hackerese). No matter how bad something is coded, it automagically gets corrected.


Okay, I am getting a bit out of sorts, perhaps an IPascalCase interface or ICamelCase interface. Perhaps, to be really fun, you could code them using generics. Oh, wait, even better, you can code the generics in XAML. Now, that would be cool. If you are buying  the beers, I will code it tonight (don’t guarantee it will work when I am done with a few stouts, but what the hell?).


See how easily you can really screw with our minds? A side benefit: you can create the config so it is completely unreadable as all lower case and correct anyone who accidentally hits the shift key. Anything to make it easier for the VB developer, I always say. We need more training wheels!


Please note a great portion of this post is tongue-in-cheek. I really have no animosity for VB or VB.NET developers; I love VB developers. They taste like chicken. 🙂


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