$40 billion for Louisiana to rebuild

According to a Washington Post article, the Louisiana Congressional delegation has requested $40 billion for Army Corps of Engineers projects in Louisiana. This is ten times the current $4 billion/year budget for the Corps and 16 times the $2.5 billion the Corps states it will take to make levees that can withstand a Category 5 storm.


Farm Aid is considered inefficient when only 28% of the monies gets to the farmers. By Better Business Bureau standards, administrative costs of 40% are a good number. Louisiana needs 94% for overhead. Perhaps corruption requires a bit more overhead than standard administration?


3 Responses to $40 billion for Louisiana to rebuild

  1. Eddie says:

    Hi Gregory! How are you? I am very sad about hearing that Louisiana wont get all the money they need there. The President is more focused on the war on terrorism then on the hurricanes and the American people.I see that you are into politics and history. I am interested on those friends as well. I’m looking forward to hearing from you. take care,Ede

  2. Unknown says:

    whitey owes all of that money and more to the black man for years of slavery, vilence and deprimivation! reparations will come in the form of entitlements or by blood. Allah will not deliver those that stand in the way of the soldiers marching to the promised land!

  3. serf says:

    In my checkered past, I did business in Louisiana for 5+ years. I can tell you that your last remark could stir up a hornets nest. I can just hear them shouting "I resemble that remark".Also liked your earlier solution for a new government. If it works, it may become the greatest nation in the world!have a blessed day, ‘rett

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