Carter says Bush lost election

Well I would say that in the year 2000 the country failed abysmally in the presidential election process. There’s no doubt in my mind that Al Gore was elected president. He received the most votes nationwide, and in my opinion, he also received the most votes in Florida And the decision was made as you know on a 5-4 vote on a highly partisan basis by the U.S. Supreme Court, so I would say in 2000, there was a failure.

Florida RecountPotential Issue: I agree with anyone who is stating that Gore could have won in certain scenarios. The evidence plainly supports this line of thought. The majority of the recounts fall in the Bush column, however. And, using the standards in place, as well as standards proposed by Gore, Bush still wins.

Popular voteNon-issue: There have been four times in history, the winner of the popular vote lost. Quincy Adams (Andrew Jackson got both popular and electoral votes, but not a clear majority of 50%+), Hayes, Harrison and Bush. But, we do not vote on the popular vote, nor have we ever. You only have a Gore win in this category by changing the rules after the game is over.

Supreme Court partisanshipNon-issue unless the recount falls in Gore’s court and the assertion can be proven: The crux of this argument lies in Republican nominees versus Democratic nominees rather than focusing on the political ideology of the candidates. Even if one takes this as gospel, however, we still have the problem that the standard in place when the count was stopped would have resulted in a Bush win.


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