Take power away from King George

With all of the news lately, I am a bit concerned about the direction this country has gone. In specific, there are the following charges against our king that I can no longer be silent about, namely:
  • He continues to kill American soldiers, because he has already killed American soldiers – Cindy Sheehan
  • He sends in special forces to blow up levees to flood black areas of New Orleans so the white areas might be saved – Louis Farrakhan

In response, I believe it is evident that the American public band together to do something about this tyrant. I suggest a radical departure for our government to ensure these abuses can never occur again. Please bear with me, as any new plan is bound to have its detractors; we must be in it for the long haul.

First, I suggest we divide the kingdom into fifty smaller states. The people of these new states will then elect a magistrate which we will call a governor. The governor will have the authority to call in aid to stricken areas in the form of a national guard. The king will have no power over this national guard, except in cases where the governor gives that power away. This will remove the king’s power to ignore a region struck by disaster, as the governor will have the power to send in aid.

On an even smaller level, I suggest we take each of the cities in these states and allow the residents to elect an official to oversee the city. We shall call this official a mayor. The mayor can arrange things like buses to help evacuate people in times of crisis. The king will not be necessary to get the ball rolling any longer.

On the national level, I suggest we create a democratically elected body called Congress, which will be split into two bodies: the Senate and the House. Each of the states will have two elected officials in Senate to ensure a balance of power amongst all states. Each of the states will also have representation in the house baed on their population, which will give power to the people. With this new federal institution, the king will not be allowed to wage war without the permission of duly elected officials. He will also be powerless to hold back national spending on levees that can withstand hurricanes with a strength greater than category three.

Finally, I suggest we change the king’s role in our government. In particular, the idea of a lifelong tyrant is very disconcerting. In addition, the word "king" sounds so belittling to the masses. For this reason, I suggest we rename the position "President" and allow the people, through representatives, to elect this President on four year cycles, called a term. A single President will be allowed to serve no more than two of these terms. Furthermore, to prevent too much power at any level, we will set up similar elections and terms at all levels: Congress, Governor and Mayor.

It is time to act now, lest the tyrant continue to ignore our poor and lead us to war so he can kill more of our children. We need elections now. We need a Congress now. We need Governors now. We need mayors now. No more king!!!


6 Responses to Take power away from King George

  1. Unknown says:

    / \ |\_/| |—| | | | | _ |=-=| _ _ / \| |/ \ / \| | | ||\ | | | | | \> | | | | | \ | – – – – |) ) | / \ / \ / \ / \ / | | screw you hippie!

  2. Unknown says:

    blah blah blah

  3. Gregory says:

    Hippie? If you actually read the post, you would realize the sardonic manner in which I used the argument of W as a tyrant and juxtaposed the system we currently have in place. It was designed to be an argument against the "arguments" (if you can call them that) of Cindy Sheehan and friends rather than supporting their position.It does require you actually think about what is written rather than simply reacting. I know this is not the norm in public forums, but it is a worthwhile exercise.

  4. Unknown says:

    Uh oh, looks like the hippie is now being an intellectual elitist and is seeking to educate the masses with his "sardonic manner".

  5. Unknown says:

    when you finally wake up from your white lilly la-la land you will see the power that can be found in the freedom of the oppressed masses. in the very near future when my fellow soldiers rise up to burn the plantation that has enslaved them we will see freedom."The enemy knows if he allows that generation to live, America will be the Promised Land for the Black, the Brown and the Red."-Minister Farrakhan

  6. Gregory says:

    One of the problems in open forums is the context of a post is found in its entirity, while the drooling masses simply search for pieces to attack without regard to the context of the message. We divide into groups constantly barbequeing each other rather than taking a look at the ideas presented and accepting ideas which are good and rejecting those that are bad. This is not a lilly white lala-land concept; it is simple logic. Your issue seems to be focused on the fact that I used a paraphrase of Farrakhan’s comment as one of the comments to begin my discussion. You have equated this with racism, which is more a problem of your own personal bias than it is with my comments. Yes, there is a problem with racism in America, but that was not the focus of this particular blog post. Farrakhan and Sheehan were also not the point of the blog. Whether or not the Federal Government or the President made mistakes (they did) is also not the point. The fact that none of these are the point should be blatantly obvious to anyone reading the post and weighing the ideas rather than searching for points to attack. Open your mind and you can be set free. The point behind the post, for the dense and the ideologues is simply that Bush is not the king and never has been. We have a system that distributes power across many backs. There are many people who share the blame for the failures of our system, not just one. If you do not agree with this sentiment, click on blog it and create a counter blog. It is through the exchange of ideas we have positive movement, not ad hominem attacks like yours.

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